Know what it is like to go Yoga Trekking in Nepal

Yoga trekking in Nepal

Yoga traveling has become a trending wellness travel niche around the world. Nepal also gets a lot of yoga travelers from around the world. Be it for yoga trekking in Nepal or yoga tour or yoga retreat, there is a good number of yoga travelers in Nepal. And the number is certainly on the rise every year.

Why Nepal for Yoga Trekking?

There is a reason why Nepal has become so popular amongst the traveling yogis and yoginis. Firstly, the snow-capped Himalayas have such an immensely powerful energy that creates an ideal atmosphere to practice yoga. As a matter of fact, the Himalayan region was the abode to ancient yogis who lived their life there practicing yoga and meditation. The energy that they emanated was from their yoga practice under the blessings of the powerful mountains. If it sounds too mythical, we simply can understand that practicing yoga with the view of stunning mountains is certainly an experience of the lifetime.

Secondly, there is nowhere like nature to practice yoga and Nepal has pristine nature everywhere. The weather of Nepal is ideal to indulge in the deeper practice of the yoga and meditation. Although only one or two week of yoga trekking alone is not enough to enlighten on the essence of yoga, it gives you an incredible experience. Yoga trekking in Nepal or practicing yoga in Nepal is certainly a blissful experience that you should go. You should do it at least once in your lifetime.

Yoga trekking in Nepal

While the yoga travel niche market is booming, every trekking operator has included yoga trekking packages on their websites. However, the authentic ones are fewer in the market. Classic Escapades operates yoga trekking and tour packages in Nepal. As the company has been run by a yoga teacher and tour guide, they know the ins and outs of yoga and traveling in Nepal.  They have integrated yoga with trekking to incredible destinations in the mountains like Mardi Himal Yoga Trek, which is a short yoga trekking package. For the longer trekking enthusiasts, they have Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek.

What to Expect from a Yoga Trekking in Nepal?

When you realize that yoga is an exploration journey to the inner self, everything else becomes mundane. But the Himalayan magic and nature magnificence leaves so much of compassionate impression that directly touches to our heart.

Practicing yoga in front of mighty mountains has the experience that you can only feel. Explaining the experience will be a huge injustice. It’s an inner feeling.

The view of the Himalayan range and pristine nature is certainly a soul-enriching one. Once you are in the mountain atmosphere, the spiritual energy in you will arise on its own. You will simply like to gaze and enjoy the view of the surroundings.

Inhaling the fresh mountain air is another revitalizing energy that mountains offer. Breathing in the fresh air during yoga practice boosts the energy and helps in deepening the practice.

When to Yoga Trek and Travel in Nepal?

Normally, the trekking season in Nepal has two different parts – the spring season from March to May and the autumn season from September to December. January/February and June to August are cold and rainy months respectively where trekking in the mountains become a little difficult. However, yoga tour around different places, other than high mountains, can be done throughout the year. However, the low elevation yoga trek, like Yoga and Meditation Trek, is also doable throughout the year.

Yoga trekking in Nepal

Finally, whether you are a new yoga buddy or an advanced yogi, you just need the zeal to trek in the mountains and do yoga. You will then experience the awesomeness of the yoga travel in Nepal. Another thing you have to understand is yoga is not about being super flexible but it is an understanding of the essential sum of better, healthier and happier life. Yoga trekking in Nepal helps you realize this matter of fact when it challenges you with yoga postures and walking every day. Yoga adventure in Nepal will certainly be the true trip of your lifetime.


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