5 Great Tips to go Trekking in Nepal in Winter

Tips to go trekking in Nepal in winter

Before starting on the 5 great tips to go trekking in Nepal in winter, let’s take a look at how winter season in Nepal is like. Winter is approaching but it should not be the reason for travelers to stop traveling. The winter months of December, January and February are the coldest of all the months in a year.

High mountains get the most extreme of the weather with freezing weather and snow-fall. Some of the high altitude treks are impossible to go due to heavy snow-fall. But you can still enjoy many amazing mountain trekking adventures in Nepal during the winter season. With proper knowledge of the weather condition in the mountains and with a proper preparation, winter trekking can be enjoyable.

Now back to 5 great tips to go trekking in Nepal in winter.

We have prepared this blog post to share tips and tricks to survive and enjoy trekking in the mountains of Nepal during the winter season.

If you or your friends are planning to set off on a winter trekking adventure to Nepal, this post can surely be helpful.

#1 Pack Properly

One of the 5 great tips to go trekking in Nepal in winter is proper packing for the adventure. Missing a simple gear like gloves can prove fatal during winter trekking. You should research well about proper trekking gear for the winter season. Ask as many questions about packing list for your upcoming winter trekking adventure with your adventure planner. As the expert planner for the adventures, your adventure organizer should be able to give you the list of proper packing list so that your winter adventure becomes an enjoyable one.

Proper packing can make your winter trekking trip a wonderful one while a mistake in packing can wreck your whole experience.

Check your packing list, from sleeping bag to enough pair of socks, well before you set off on the adventure.

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Tips to go trekking in Nepal in winter

#2 Drink Enough Water

Winter season causes dryness faster in the human body and in the high altitude of the mountains, dehydration is one of the worst things that can happen. Although you do not feel thirsty, your body is exposed to the extreme cold weather of the mountains that causes dehydration.

You should make sure that you stay well-hydrated. Drinking enough plain water, flavored water mixed with mint or lemon, soup (especially garlic soup at the high altitude), and tea can keep the hydration level at the optimum level.

Apart from keeping you hydrated, drinking water has several other benefits.

#3 Carry Trekking Poles

No matter what your fitness level is; whether you like it or not, you should include trekking poles in your trekking gear for winter. If you are going to high altitude trekking in winter, the possibility is that the trail is full of snow. Trekking poles will prove highly helpful in tracking the trail. You can use the trekking poles to check the situation of the trail before you step on it.

Make sure to carry trekking poles with a wider basket with a bigger circumference that helps the poles float. You will love the trekking poles during the winter trek in Nepal.

#4 Timely Start

Days are shorter in the winter season. Starting early can help reach the destination on time but really early morning start can expose you to extreme cold. So, you should look for the right time to start the trekking for the day. Plan your itinerary in a way that can fit timely start and timely finish.

Start the walk on time so that you can enjoy the walk in a better temperature and finish the walk for the day on time before it gets dark and cold. Once you reach the teahouse on time, you can stay warm and comfortable inside the teahouse.

Trekking during the winter season in Nepal is certainly a daring adventure.

Tips to go trekking in Nepal in winter

#5 Stay together

Trekking individually during the winter season in the mountains of Nepal is certainly not a good idea. Having a guide who knows the mountains well will prove to be lifesaving. You have to make sure that you walk together with a group or your guide.

Staying together with other people as you walk along the trail during winter trekking will keep you safe.

Trekking during the winter season in Nepal is certainly a daring adventure. Yet, this is an enjoyable adventure if planned properly with enough knowledge on how to do it. Let us hear from you if you want to add more on our 5 great tips to go trekking in Nepal in winter.




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