5 Ways to Deal with Culture Shock as a Traveler

5 ways to deal with culture shock as a traveler

Travel is a great way to expand the horizon of our understanding of the world. As a traveller to new and strange places, it is obvious that we come across lots culture shocks. If we know how to deal with the culture shock, our travel becomes a great learning experience but if we are too much in the grip of it, we may not enjoy the travel much; in fact, it can be spoiled.

Dealing with culture shock is a skill to easy our experience of travelling to a new place. Cultures differ from one place to the other and it depends on the social, geographical and historical situation of the particular place. So, something that is appropriate at a place may seem very weird and inappropriate at another place. What we think right may be absolutely wrong for that place.

As travellers, we can cope with the culture shock with a few very careful steps that we discuss here today.

  • Travel with an open mind

Being open-minded in understanding any culture is a great tool to deal with culture shock. Any new culture, place or people may seem really strange that may get us into some awkward situation. But trying to understand it with a wider perspective eases and comforts us while travelling in a new place with completely different culture to ours.

  • Learn to Embrace and Embrace to Learn

Travel is a great way of learning that brings a huge personal evolution. Every place we go to can teach us a big lesson for life. While travelling to a new and strange place, learning to embrace the local culture and the whole atmosphere is the way to know the place better. So, we must learn to embrace the new so that we can learn life lessons that can transform our lives.

  • Respect Local

When we travel to a place, we must respect the culture, people and atmosphere of the host place no matter how different they are from our home place. Our opinions and ways of doing things may differ, sometimes to an exact opposite, but we have to understand that we are in a new place, culture, and with people living in a different social, geographical and natural atmosphere than we do at home. There will obviously be a lot of differences but we have to be respectful of those differences. Showing an utmost respect for the locals is another great way of coping with the culture shock.

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  • Interact more with the Locals

The best way of understanding something, somebody is by communicating. We have to learn the way to communicate and interact with the locals as much as possible. Talking to locals makes us feel familiar with the new environment that we are in. The more we interact with the locals, the better we come to know the place, people and culture that will keep us from the culture shock.

  • Expect Something Unexpected but Great

Travel full of experiences is the travel worth for life. Just ticking a place off the bucket list isn’t enough to be called a travel. A real travel brings memorable moments and experiences that we can cherish for life. We have to be very clear on the fact that there lies a lot of unexpected ahead while travelling. But whatever comes to us during our travel, if it gives us long-lasting memories and great moments, it is a life-changing experience. Something unexpected and great makes life beautiful.


While travel teaches us so many wonderful things for our life, coming across culture shocks is pretty common and tricky to deal with. If we know the right way of converting a travel into a journey, culture shock is not a problem anymore.


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