Visit Nepal Year 2020 Logo Unveiled and Improvised

Visit Nepal Year 2020

Nepal Tourism Board has improvised the ‘Visit Nepal Year 2020’ logo after the original logo got much criticism on social media.

In preparation of promoting the ‘Visit Nepal Year 2020’ campaign, Nepal Tourism Board had unveiled the official campaign logo. As soon as the minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Mr. Rabindra Adhikari, unveiled the logo and got posted in social media, it had received a huge criticism from the public and concerned sector.

The logo was selected out of 145 different participating designs as per the call of Nepal Tourism Board on 10th April 2018 to participate in the logo design competition. Mr. Uddhav Rimal of Boudha won Rs. 100,000.00 cash in prize as his design had been selected to be the official logo of the ‘Visit Nepal Year 2020’. However, the design was widely criticized in social media.

Here is the original logo selected from the competition

Visit Nepal Year 2020

Social media had been flooded with the comments of criticism on the selected logo design from various aspects. People criticized the logo for the wrong placement of the Mt. Everest and Mt. Fishtail, spelling Nepal as ‘nepal’, its color combination, its lack of appealing looks and many other characteristics.

After the logo was heavily criticized, NTB has published an improvised version of the logo. Brand Manager at NTB, Shraddha Shrestha, published the improvised logo design on her Facebook account saying that the NTB had to take into consideration the suggestions and feedback from people on social media.

Here is the improvised logo

Visit Nepal Year 2020

Visit Nepal Year 2020 campaign by the government of Nepal aims to bring in 2 million tourists into the country.


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