Two Sherpa Climbers Break the Record in Everest Summiting

two sherpa break record
Lhakpa Sherpa (AFP)

Two Nepalese Sherpa climbers have set new world records in Summiting Mt. Everest on Wednesday, 16 May 2018.

Kami Rita Sherpa summited the highest peak in the world on Wednesday for the 22nd time and became the climber with the highest number of successful Everest ascents. He broke the previous records of his own along with Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi Sherpa.

two sherpa set world record
Kami Rita Sherpa (Facebook)

Another Sherpa climber, a woman, Lhakpa Sherpa summited the 8,848 meter mountain for the 9th time to become the female climber with highest successful Everest ascents. She broke her own previous record to set a new one on Wednesday.

two sherpa break record
Lhakpa Sherpa (AFP)

Along with the record-breaking Sherpas, a total of 94 climbers reached the summit of Everest on Wednesday. It’s a huge number of climbers successfully making it to the top of the highest peak in the world.

A British climber, Kenton Cool, also reached the summit of Everest for the 13th time to set the record as the British national with the highest number of Mt. Everest ascents.

The record-breaking male Sherpa, Kami Rita Sherpa, is a highly skilled professional mountaineer who works as an alpine climbing guide. He says that he intends to climb Mt. Everest for 25 times as climbing is his passion. Lhakpa Sherpa, the female record holder, is a housewife who lives in Connecticut, USA. But she has been an avid climber and keeps the record of highest ascents by a female in her name.

The Sherpas are well-known to be very strong and highly skilled mountaineering guides. They are the most efficient and trustable people while in the mountains. Everest region is the home to the Sherpas.

Congratulations to all the summiteers!



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