Reasons why Himalayan Trekking Adventure is a Life Changing Experience


“You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong.”

As the quote says how important an adventure in our life is, the right place to find out our true self is an adventure that resonates with our inner calling. Adventure travelling is one of the many ways to encounter such adventures of our life where we make a journey to our inner world.

Have you ever taken up a journey to the mountains? If not, there are so many reasons why we should do it often.

Trekking adventure in the Himalaya is such an ideal adventure trip that takes us to the region surrounded by mighty snow-capped mountains. Knowing things about the life closely takes an incredible courage and that is an adventure too. To go deeper into the self and explore the true nature and meaning of life obviously needs a tremendous effort and courage.

It’s the journey where we are unsure of what is there ahead as is said, “The greatest adventure is what lies ahead”.  But the peaceful time, serene surroundings and challenging adventure give us a great chance to delve deeper into the inner world to explore more about our own life.

“The greatest adventure is what lies ahead”

As the famous Austrian mountaineer and traveller, Heinrich Harrer, wrote in his book – Seven Years in Tibet – “There were only three names on the map of the region we had brought with us, but we now filled in more than two hundred”, the adventure in the Himalayas exposes unimaginable to us as we explore, all for the good. Harrer may be talking about the amazing places that he explored other than the mentioned on the map; words fall short to describe the experience and the transformation he went through on the journey.

The legendary mountaineer and writer of “The Climb” and “Above the Clouds”, Anatoli Boukreev, said, “Mountains are my cathedrals where I practice my religion”. Mountains are truly the sanctuary for the journey that takes us to our inner world. The discoveries that we make in the journey to our inner world are life changing and for a meaningful purpose.

Travel is definitely not about the destination but about the journey. The experiences that we collect count more than the places that we’ve been to. Those experiences are the ones lasting throughout our life. We will cherish the moment of being at the Everest Base Camp or trekking deeper into the Annapurna Base Camp rather than the destination itself. A destination can be the cause of a journey but, in the end, the moments and experiences become more important.

A Himalayan Trekking Adventure is an Experience of Lifetime

Trekking in Nepal in the mountains is definitely a challenging adventure but what’s the point of going on an adventure if it’s not challenging enough? The same challenge takes us closer to our inner self, the exploration of our true world. Mountains make us as tough as they are and at the same time they give us the same calmness they have. Even a single adventure journey to the Himalayas helps us grow into a completely new – positively transformed – person.

The Himalayas have a magical charm to give us what we call once-in-a-lifetime experience and that can completely transform the life. Everything that we come across in the Himalayas – from mountains to people and culture to nature – is unique and charming to inspire us. An adventure to the Himalayas is truly the place where we find our true self as mentioned in the quote.


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