Here are the Benefits of Drinking Water

benefits of drinking water

We all have heard about the benefits of drinking water. We have read or have been told to drink 8 glasses of water every day to remain in good health. Whether 8 glasses of water a day is an exact scientific scale or not, there is no doubt that water is a vital role player in the health and overall immune system of our body.


It is a universal fact that we all need water whether in plain form or in the form of any other fluid. Science has proven that our body loses water in the form of sweat, urine, stool and even when we breathe. So, to compensate for the natural loss of water in our body, we should drink enough water otherwise our body gets dehydrated.

To support this obvious fact, we have tried to discuss how water prevents us from getting into bad health. While over drinking may cause the problem rather than helping us stay in good health, taking in the ideal amount in a regular interval is essential. We have to know when we need to drink and what the ideal amount is each time.

Water is the main source to maintain the level of body fluid

As a matter of fact, our body is composed of 60% water. The water portion in our body helps to maintain body temperature; carry essential nutrients throughout our body; create saliva, and helps in digestion. Loss of water through sweat, urine, breath, and stool can affect our body severely if there is no immediate compensation.

If there is an excess loss of water, our body system asks for water. We feel thirsty when our body needs water and we should listen to this condition and supply body with the fluid. Fluid in any forms – plain water or any other fluid except alcohol – may help to compensate for the loss of water in our body. Alcohol has reverse effects. Although alcohol is a liquid, it contributes to more loss of water when it enters our body.

benefits of drinking water
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Water helps to lose weight

Dieticians around the world have been recommending their clients, who come to them seeking weight loss advice, to drink more water. Although water doesn’t contain any substance that helps in weight loss, it is greatly helpful in cutting down the intake of extra calories. Drinking more water instead of other fluids containing high calorie in itself is the great trick of using water in weight loss. Drink more water so that you consume fewer calories. When the body stops receiving extra calorie supply, it starts burning the fat to supply our body with energy that ultimately results in the loss of weight.

Athletes and people who work out intensively need to drink more water

People who engage themselves in high-intensity physical work out need to drink more water. Athletes and people working out have to make a planned routine to drink water. Athletes should drink enough water prior to their training. They should also keep drinking an ideal amount of water in a regular interval during the training to compensate for the loss of water in the form of sweat. Water helps prevent muscle fatigue due to intensive training and loss of water. It surely prevents dehydration.

benefits of drinking water
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Do you want smooth skin? Drink more water.

Dehydration causes the skin to wrinkle. As the consequence of dehydration, skin looks rough and dry and untimely aging may be seen on the face. If you want your skin to look smooth and hydrated, you need to drink more water. It keeps your skin hydrated.

Dehydration causes costipation

Apart from these reasons, drinking enough water is advantageous to our kidney functioning as well. In addition, our digestive system also works properly and excretion of bowel becomes easy. Dehydration causes constipation and the problem of bowel excretion can be caused.

Thus, water is our life. There are several benefits of drinking water. Although drinking enough water is essential for our body, taking in excess water is not beneficial. As the excess water is thrown out of the body in the form of urine, we need to run to toilet time and time again. Urinating more frequently may carry away the essential minerals in our body causing harm. So, it is highly important to know how much water to drink and how frequently to do it.

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