7 Amazing Foods to Try in Nepal

Foods to try in Nepal

Although Nepalese foods have not yet made it to the international culinary scenario, the gastronomical art of Nepal has some charm to taste. There are some authentic foods to try in Nepal when you are here and we promise they are mouthwateringly delicious.

As a diverse cultural and ethnicity-based country, you will find an astonishing diversity also in the Nepalese food culture. Nepalese foods are famous for being rich in herbal spices that give them healthy flavor and taste. We have brought some of the foods to try in Nepal here in the post.


This is probably the most talked about food in Nepal. Every restaurant you visit will offer momo in their menu. Over the years, momo has become an integral part of the Nepali cuisine for its juicy composition and mouthwatering taste. This stuffed dumpling is the most easily found food anywhere in Nepal. You can choose from various options – from vegetarian to non-vegetarian of choices. This is certainly a not-to –miss-out food when you are in Nepal. You will best like it to have for your lunch.

Foods to try in Nepal

Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat is a staple food for many in the country. It is a platter of rice, lentil, curry, vegetable, and pickle. This food is also a nice combination of all necessary minerals, vitamins, protein and carbohydrate for our body. It is a healthy and hygienic food to eat. This food tastes so delicious that you want to eat it all the time. You will come to know why many Nepalese prefer to have Dal Bhat on regular basis.

Foods to try in Nepal

Sel Roti

This Nepali styled rice-flour doughnut is a lightly sweet and tasty food to eat in Nepal. Sel Roti goes well with milk tea and curry. Although a bit oily, as it is deep-fried, Sel Roti makes has to taste to go for. Only some of the special local tea shops will offer the luxury of enjoying the delicacy of this food.

Foods to try in Nepal


This is another of the yummy foods to try in Nepal. Yomari is steamed rice-flour dumpling filled with saturated sugarcane juice. Although Yomari is specially prepared on a special occasion called Yomari Punhi in Kathmandu valley, this food can be enjoyed all the time. This sweet flavored food is also a must try food while you are in Nepal.

Foods to try in Nepal


Let’s talk about some noodles. That doesn’t sound quite Nepali, right? But who knew a noodle item would be so famous in Nepal? Yes, Thukpa – the noodle soup – is one of the delicious foods to try in Nepal. Flavored with different herbal spices, this typical food can be mixed with veggies, egg or meat.

Foods to try in Nepal


This is another authentic Nepali food to go for in Kathmandu. This is a special type of pancake made of black lentil-flour. You will find this food in the small local eateries. You need to explore the place to eat Bara. Ask local people where you can find one and you will get to enjoy the delicacy of Bara.

Foods to try in Nepal


Talking about some meat, Sekuwa is a barbecued meat and when done in Nepali style garnished in herbal spices, it simply becomes mouthwatering. Add some lemon juice in it and taste the deliciousness of the meat. This is one of the authentic local foods that you must try in Nepal. You will love the taste that it brings to your senses.

Foods to try in Nepal


These foods listed here are widely and easily available. Although there are several other foods to try in Nepal, it is impossible to include them all in a short article. If you have tried these foods, give us your impression. And if you have eaten any other Nepali foods other than mentioned here, write about them in our comment section.


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