5 Great Benefits of Meditation

benefits of meditation

Most of us have surely come across people telling us about the benefits of meditation. But very few of us know what exactly good meditation does to us. There have been a growing number of scientific researches on meditation to support the arguments of people on the benefits of it.

One of the scientific researches of the effects of meditation has found out that Mindfulness meditation programs had moderate evidence of improved anxiety, depression, and pain. It is not only the practitioner’s experience but also different scientific researches speak of the benefits of meditation.

If you want to read a long post on the scientific benefits of meditation, this post is really good.

There are different types of meditation that people have been practicing around the world. From transcendental meditation to mindfulness meditation, the regular practitioners have been benefitting, as they say, and the researches support. Whichever meditation we practice, it benefits us in the psycho-emotional aspects of our life.

benefits of meditation

We have listed here 5 great benefits of meditation although they can be much more than just listed here.


1. One of the benefits of meditation is to take it as an anti-depressant

Meditation reduces depression in a person. According to a study done by the American Psychosomatic Society, mindfulness meditation is effective in reducing mood disturbance and stress symptoms. People who practice meditation regularly are calm and stress-free in any situation. Meditation develops the psychological and emotional functioning of the practitioner.

2. Meditation improves focus and concentration

People with a concentration problem can get lots of benefits from meditation. Meditation increases the ability to focus, in a person, 10 times better than those who do not meditate. It keeps the brain functioning and emotional health at balance improving the ability to focus better at something.

3. Meditation reduces blood pressure

Meditation is also a great tool to reduce high blood pressure. Regular meditation practice helps the blood vessels to open up. Meditation relaxes mind, body, and emotion and the relaxation helps to open up blood vessel with the formation of nitric oxide.

4. Kids can highly benefit from meditation

It is not only the grown-ups who benefit from meditation but also the kids can get lots of benefits. It helps in reducing anxiety, stress, and hostility; increases cognitive retention, self-care, self-esteem, self-care, and positive emotions, and also improves social skills, sleep, self-awareness, and study.

5. Meditation improves creativity

Another benefit of meditation is that it plays an important role in fostering creativity. It works all the same for people of all age groups. A study showed that meditation had a great positive impact on the creativity of the person who meditated.

We have chosen only five benefits of meditation to be listed here and supported by the references to scientific researches done. But these are not the only benefits of meditation. There are hundreds of them but we carefully chose only five that work on different aspects of people – physical, mental and emotional.

It doesn’t matter what type of meditation we do but what ultimately matters is whether we do it regularly. If we do it, we will surely benefit.




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